Фотография Литос антисоль

Facade cleaner lithos-antisol.

Facade cleaner “Antisol” TM “Litos”. The highly effective “Antisol” TM “Litos” is intended for cleaning the facades of buildings, brick and stone surfaces inside or outside the premises from various kinds of pollution (lime efflorescence, oil, lime or cement types of negative modification of the surface of building materials). Facade cleaner “Antisol” is ideal for …

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Фото Литос лёгкая кладка

Lithos – light masonry.

The entire range of building chemicals of the Litos trademark is specially designed to facilitate and improve the quality of masonry work. Means “Easy masonry” is an anionic plasticizer of plaster and masonry mortars containing air-entraining additives and lime substitutes. It is recommended to be used in the preparation of various mortars. It has the …

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Фото Строительство дома из кирпича Литос

Hyperpressed lithos brick.

The technological process of manufacturing hyper-pressed bricks of TM “Litos” is based on the technology of “cold welding”, in which finely ground limestone is pressed in a high pressure environment. In its composition, hyper-pressed brick has about 81-82% finely crushed limestone, 13-14% high-quality cement, as well as additives and dyes. Hyperextruded brick, due to its …

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Фотография витрина кирпич Дитос

About brick Lithos.

Thanks to the impeccable quality of its products, Lutuginsky Plant of Building Materials LLC, which is part of the Litos-Group corporation, has won and maintains one of the leading positions in the market for the production of high-quality facing materials.

Фотография Выставка из кирпича

Facing brick is the king of finishing materials.

Facing brick is a facing building material with an advantageous combination of high quality and reasonable price. It will help you to give beauty and originality to any structure, and will also become indispensable for the restoration of old buildings, preserve their artistic and historical value.

Фотография Камин из облицовочного кирпича

Construction Materials. Brick.

The explanatory dictionary gives the following definition of brick – this is an artificial stone, which is produced in the form of baked clay bars. Brick is used for the construction of various buildings.