Фотография Литос антисоль

Facade cleaner lithos-antisol.

Facade cleaner “Antisol” TM “Litos”. The highly effective “Antisol” TM “Litos” is intended for cleaning the facades of buildings, brick and stone surfaces inside or outside the premises from various kinds of pollution (lime efflorescence, oil, lime or cement types of negative modification of the surface of building materials). Facade cleaner “Antisol” is ideal for removing various types of efflorescence on clinker, ceramic and hyper-pressed bricks. When applied, it does not emit harmful substances and toxic fumes, does not damage or destroy the structure of the material, acts quickly and provides gentle cleaning of the surface in a “gentle mode”.

The main advantages of the facade cleaner “Antisol” TM “Litos” are:

         – Effective cleaning of lime efflorescence from the surfaces of different types of bricks,

         – High-quality cleaning of surfaces from the remnants of cement-based mortar (various joint fillers, adhesives),

         – Performs gentle cleaning of lime and cement contamination from the front surface of ceramic mosaics or tiles,

         – Fights against minor rust stains present on the surface of building materia   

 Facade cleaner “Antisol” TM “Litos” is recommended to be used in the following quantity (dosage): depending on the type of brick to be cleaned, from 200 to 500 ml of the product per 1 m2 of the surface of the brickwork to be cleaned. depending on the amount and type of contamination, from 150 to 700 ml of the agent per 1 m2 of the surface to be cleaned.

Litos-Antisol facade cleaner is recommended to be used as follows:

  •  средство не требует не каких подготовительных операций (разбавить, развести и т. д.), оно полностью готово к применению,
  •  перед началом использования проверьте на небольшом участке стены стойкость материала очищаемой поверхности к воздействию кислоты, содержащейся в очистители. Если загрязнение эффективно смывается, а материл, проявляет достаточную стойкость к кислоте, то смело производите очистку по всей плоскости загрязнения,
  •  те части поверхности стены, которые обрабатываться не будут необходимо тщательно прикрыть защитным слоем,
  •  средство необходимо наносить на стену с помощью кисти или щетки,
  •  подождите 5 минут пока средство подействует, а затем тщательно уберите имеющиеся загрязнения с помощью абразивной губки,
  •  в местах, имеющих сильно и стойкое загрязнение необходимо данную процедуру повторить еще раз,
  •  после обработки очищаемой поверхности необходимо всю плоскость тщательно промыть проточной водой.

Clean the surface again in different directions with a brush or an abrasive sponge, the remaining water on the surface is removed with absorbent wipes or cloth.

We pay special attention to the fact that the facade cleaner “Antisol” TM “Litos” has an acid reaction. It is recommended to carry out all work with the material only in protective equipment (respirator, gloves and special glasses). If in the course of work the product gets on the skin or in the eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water with a weak soda or soap solution, and if necessary, seek medical help.

The facade cleaner “Litos-Antisol” must be stored in a hermetically sealed container and in places that are hard to reach for children. In its composition, the “Antisol” cleaner contains special organic acids and highly effective surfactants. All components are of high quality and are supplied exclusively from Germany. The warranty period of storage of the cleaner “Antisol” TM “Litos” is no more than 12 months from the date of manufacture, but subject to the tightness of the packaging.