Litos facing building material

Facing materials Litos

Brick Litos Lugansk is a high European quality, which was achieved thanks to a unique hyperpressing system. The products of the Litos plant are distinguished by the constancy of quality and stability of characteristics. Large selection of facing products, continuous improvement of production technology.

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Фото кирпич литос мюнхен гладкий
Фотография литос гладкий москва
Фото гладкий Шефилд
Фотография Litos Fashion Brick
Фотография кирпич Литос фашион брик Ситибрик
Фотография шефилд магма

Welcome to the world of facing materials of the Litos brand Litos Fashion Brick

A new line of facing products from the Litos Fashion Brick factory. New brick products with unique colors and unique textures.
Фотография кирпич Литос Litos Fashion Brick
Фото литос гладкий Litos Fashion Brick
Фото мага литос Litos Fashion Brick
Фотография литос гладкий москва
Фотография Litos Fashion Brick мюнхен
Фото литос фашион брик магма ситибрик

Produces brick products since 2000. The corporation includes its own raw material base of limestone-shell rock and a machine-building plant that manufactures and maintains equipment for the manufacture of bricks.

Фото литос гладкий пустотелый жёлтый
Фото гладкий угловой пустотелый Литос
Фото Литос колотый пустотелый с фаской
Фото капля фасонный литос
Фотография узкий колотый пустотелый с фаской
Фото литос тонкий колотый с фаской
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Brick Lithos

Brick Litos Lugansk is a high European quality, which was achieved thanks to a unique hyperpressing system. The products of the Litos plant are distinguished by their constancy and stability of characteristics.

We welcome you on our website.

If you are reading these lines, it means that you did not come here by chance and are looking for facing material, building materials Litos. We are the exclusive regional representative of the Lutuginsky plant of building materials TM “Litos” and we sell building facing material TM Litos at manufacturer’s prices. The fact that its quality characteristics, longevity and aesthetic appearance depend on the material from which the structure is built is fundamental and does not require proof. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that Litos building and facing brick is the leader in sales of building material.

More than 20 years on the market
More kinds of products
High quality products!

Advanced manufacturing technology from Litos

The use of the latest technologies by the Litos plant in the production of facing materials.

High quality of manufactured products

Superior Specifications

Large range of products
Warehouse program for the entire range
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The world around will become more beautiful if you build and decorate it with high quality materials.

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Facing materials Litos


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