Paving slabs Litos

The paving slabs Litos are made by a vibropressing method. Variety of shapes and sizes, wide choice of colors, choice of thickness, minimum delivery time.

Paving slabs Litos

Paving stones gray, colored 60

Old town grey, color 60

Paving stones gray, colored 40

Old town grey, color 40

Vibropressed paving slabs

Paving slabs Litos

Vibropressed tile is one of the varieties of artificial stone, designed for paving areas in any public places, both pedestrian areas and traffic areas.

The production uses a sand-cement mixture with the addition of many other auxiliary components. During production, such a mixture does not just solidify in molds, but is subjected to powerful mechanical processing using special presses. This technology gives the manufactured products greater strength in each product.

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Main colors of products

Paving slabs Litos


Arch gray, color 60

Figured sidewalk curb