Cooperation with Litos is not only profitable, but also reliable!


The regional representative of TM “Litos” PE “Onis SV” offers profitable cooperation for construction and trading organizations, foremen, construction teams, masons and individuals for the supply of facing bricks “Litos” at attractive, competitive, wholesale prices at the conclusion of mutually beneficial long-term contracts. We are always open for cooperation with architects and designers. With us you will always find flexible options for dealer and other cooperation. At the moment, when concluding an agreement, we do not put forward any special requirements to the dealer of the Litos plant, except for the desire and ability to work!

We are always ready to discuss the conditions and features of work on the sale of Litos bricks with each dealer individually, discussing all stages of cooperation: from the terms of supply to the size of dealer discounts. With each dealer we can find mutually beneficial and reasonable terms of cooperation. We treat each of our partners equally attentively and respectfully, while not forgetting about the individual wishes and needs of each, about the specifics and features of each supplied batch of products.

How to become a dealer of the trade network of the plant Litos. Collaboration with Litos.

In order to become a dealer of the Litos plant and be able to purchase Litos bricks on favorable dealer conditions, you just need to contact our manager in any way convenient for you (see Contacts), with whom you can discuss mutually beneficial and acceptable for you the conditions of work and the form of cooperation.

The Onis SV enterprise has its own, well-developed logistics scheme for the supply of Litos TM facing bricks both to the dealer’s warehouse and directly to the end user at the facility.


We offer all our intermediaries a special unique system of bonuses for attracting new private customers, superintendents and construction companies. We offer high and stable earnings.

We provide all our dealers with:
  1. Products of only high quality TM “Litos” with a wide range of colors.
  2. Fixed retail prices.
  3. Samples of manufactured Litos products and advertising and information materials.
  4. Exhaustive consultations and advertising support.
  5. Factory warehouse work 5 days a week.
  6. Free loading on the dealer’s transport.
  7. Delivery both automobile, and zh.d. transport.
Contact us, we are ready to consider any of your proposals for the development of the Litos trading network!