Brick Litos

Classical production of Litos plant. Brick Lithos is full-bodied and hollow, narrow and tile. Different front surfaces chipped, rock, smooth. Shaped products and various standard sizes of production. Large selection of colors from Litos.

Brick factory Litos

Brick Litos

The technology of hyperpressing is unique in the production of facing materials.

The special appearance of Litos products is given by the technology of mechanical processing of products. The unique appearance of each product of the Litos brick factory with “rock” and “chipped” textures. Large selection of sizes, corner elements, shaped bricks, facing tiles. new items from Litos Litos Fashion Brick are at your disposal.

Years on the market
More kinds of products

Brick hollow standard

Smooth hollow

Rock tychkovy hollow

Stab tychkovy

Smooth corner hollow

Angular bonder rock

Rock hollow

Chipped Hollow

Solid brick standard

Smooth full bodied

Rock corpulent

Rock 2-corner

Angular corpulent

Tychkovy Rock


Smooth 2 corner

Angular bonder rock

Brick narrow solid

Narrow rock

Narrow stabbed bonder

Narrow poke rock

Narrow stab

Brick narrow hollow

Narrow hollow rock

Narrow split hollow

Narrow stabbed bonder

Corner element shaped Drop outer

Corner element shaped

Corner element shaped Outer cornice

Corner element shaped Cornice interna

Corner element shaped Semicircle outer

Corner element shaped Semicircle internal