Фото Литос лёгкая кладка

Lithos – light masonry.

The entire range of building chemicals of the Litos trademark is specially designed to facilitate and improve the quality of masonry work.

Means “Easy masonry” is an anionic plasticizer of plaster and masonry mortars containing air-entraining additives and lime substitutes. It is recommended to be used in the preparation of various mortars. It has the functions of a plasticizer and wetting agent for plaster and masonry mortars. The main advantages of the “Easy masonry” TM “Litos” are:

  • increasing the time of using plaster and masonry mortars, improving their workable properties,
  • reduction of shrinkage of plaster and masonry mortar,
  • a significant reduction in the formation of efflorescence on brick facades,
  • increase in frost resistance of mortars (at least 3 times),
  • reduction in the amount of water required for the preparation of a solution by 10 – 20%,
  • complete exclusion from the composition of building solutions of lime,
  • approved for use by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Regional Construction.

Recommended consumption of “Light masonry” brand “Litos”: for masonry mortars: 1 liter of product for 200 liters of water or 100 ml of product for 25 kg of cement. for plaster mortars: 1.2-1.5 liters of product for 200 liters of water or 150 ml of product for 25 kg of cement. The required amount of “Light Masonry” TM “Litos” must be added to the amount of water necessary for the preparation of the mixture, mixed for several minutes, cement and aggregates are added to the mixer, and then the mortar is intensively mixed.


Do not exceed the dosage recommended by the manufacturer, as this may affect the reduction in the strength of the mortar during curing. We pay special attention to the fact that the product has an alkaline reaction. When working with this material, it is necessary to use protective equipment (respirator and rubber gloves). In case of sudden contact of the solution with the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with a large volume of running water and, if necessary, seek medical attention from a doctor.

Means “Easy masonry” TM “Litos” must be stored exclusively in hermetically sealed containers at temperatures from 5 to 30 ° C, in places difficult for children to reach. The composition of the “Light masonry” TM “Litos” includes organic anionic surfactants (no chlorides). In the manufacture of “Easy masonry” only high-quality German-made components are used. Means “Easy masonry” TM “Litos” has a warranty period of storage from the date of production of no more than 12 months, with strict observance of the tightness of the container.