Фото Строительство дома из кирпича Литос

Hyperpressed lithos brick.

The technological process of manufacturing hyper-pressed bricks of TM “Litos” is based on the technology of “cold welding”, in which finely ground limestone is pressed in a high pressure environment.

In its composition, hyper-pressed brick has about 81-82% finely crushed limestone, 13-14% high-quality cement, as well as additives and dyes. Hyperextruded brick, due to its excellent properties, can be used for almost any purpose. From it you can build beautiful and reliable houses, perform original decorative masonry, equip the interior and much more.

Hyper-pressed brick lithos lends itself perfectly to processing, with its help you can easily lay out the most bizarre and complex compositions. One of the main “advantages” of hyper-pressed lithos brick is its high operational durability. It is highly resistant to mechanical damage, to harmful atmospheric influences, has high frost resistance and durability. Specialists working directly with hyperpressed brick note that in terms of its physical and technical characteristics it is almost identical to natural stone. Separately, it is worth dwelling on the strength of hyper-pressed lithos brick, which can range (depending on the type of brick) from 150 to 300 kg / cm2. Due to its unique structure, hyper-pressed brick has a high level of frost resistance, which ranges from 50 to 150 freeze-thaw cycles. Since hyperpressed brick by its nature has a low level of moisture absorption, in addition to high resistance to external natural influences, it also easily tolerates sudden temperature changes.

Do not forget also about the aesthetic value of hyper-pressed bricks, which deserves special attention. This building material, unlike the usual ordinary one, has an almost ideal surface geometry, high accuracy of overall dimensions, which greatly simplifies the masonry process, saves on masonry mortar, and also gives the finished house structure a special attractive look. In addition, it is worth noting that due to its even outer surface, the brick adheres more tightly to each other in the masonry, which significantly increases the strength of the entire wall structure.

Hyper-pressed brick lithos has a wide range of shades, is produced in various shapes and with different surface textures. It is quite easy to use, which allows not only professional builders and experienced architects, but also ordinary amateur builders to easily bring to life unique, unique and unusual designs, patterns and shapes. Hyper-pressed brick lithos, first of all, is a material for facing works. It is ideal for both outdoor and indoor decoration. Hyper-pressed lithos brick is perfectly combined with various types of materials, such as wood, glass and even metal. From it you can lay out an original decorative wall, finish the outside of the fireplace, decorate an aquarium, build a gazebo in the yard, overlay a fountain and much more.

Due to its excellent operational and physical and technical characteristics, lithos brick has become an ideal facing building material.