Фотография витрина кирпич Дитос

About brick Lithos.

Thanks to the impeccable quality of its products, Lutuginsky Plant of Building Materials LLC, which is part of the Litos-Group corporation, has won and maintains one of the leading positions in the market for the production of high-quality facing materials.

Facing brick Litos, produced since 2000, has gained wide popularity not only in Ukraine, but in the CIS countries, the Baltic states and neighboring countries. Lithos brick is a product of modern technology. It is produced using a unique advanced technology – the method of semi-dry hyper-pressing. Lithos brick is great for any facing work, of any degree of complexity, and also goes well with other building materials. Due to the unique physical and technical characteristics, it has a high level of frost resistance, due to which it can be used in all, without exception, climatic zones. The facing brick produced by the Litos trademark differs significantly from all its competitors. It has an attractive appearance, high durability, frost resistance, strength, environmental friendliness, as well as a relatively low price. In addition to these indisputable advantages of Litos brick, it also has a high accuracy of overall dimensions and the correctness of geometric shapes, uniformity of composition throughout the volume, and high thermal insulation characteristics.

Brick Lithos is produced with a smooth front surface, and can also have an texture like: Chipped brick, Magma, Craft, Rock, Smooth has a wide range of colors. Currently, lithos facing bricks are produced in the following types of sizes: standard, thin and narrow. Depending on the presence of internal voids, it is divided into: hollow and full-bodied. A feature of the hollow brick lithos is its lightness, which to a large extent allows you to significantly reduce the cost of its delivery, accelerate the pace of construction.

The use of hollow bricks will additionally effectively insulate the building, protect it from harmful external factors. It is perfect for private low-rise cottage construction, as well as for the construction of multi-storey buildings. Due to the hollow structure, it exerts less load on the foundation of the building, and therefore reduces the cost of its arrangement. Facing brick litos is produced in a wide range of colors: gray, yellow, red, chocolate, burgundy, terracotta, ivory, as well as moon marble brick. Litos brand brick is a universal building material that can be used in almost all modern architectural projects, for decorating building facades, in landscape design, for arranging ex- and interiors. One of its distinguishing features is the diversity, saturation and durability of colors, which allows it to be used to implement even the most daring design projects. The brick produced by the Litos factory, thanks to the use of the premium-class dye of the German company BAYER, does not fade over time, does not discolor, it is resistant to weathering and direct sunlight. Besides, the used dye differs in high ecological purity and uniformity of the painted material. The main components in the production of lithos facing bricks are: environmentally friendly limestone-shell rock (moisture content is not more than 11%), high-quality cement of the M500 brand, BAYER dyes and water. All manufactured products of TM “Litos” have high quality, strength and reliability, which is confirmed by its compliance with DSTU B.V. Vishcha test.