Фотография литос группа кирпичей

Lithos brick colors.

Currently, many manufacturers offer facing bricks in almost any color and shade, from beige to black.

Facing bricks can have both a uniform color and heterogeneous inclusions, even with a transition from one color to another. The hyper-pressed facing brick of the Litos trademark is also produced in a wide range of colors.

In the production of lithos facing bricks, the following components and materials are used:

  • limestone-shell rock (humidity no more than 11%),
  • high-quality cement brand M500,
  • high-quality and environmentally friendly dyes from BAYER-LANXESS,
  • water.

The world famous German company “BAYER-LANXESS” produces dyes only “premium” class. These dyes make it possible to obtain finished products with uniform coloring and uniform consistency throughout the volume. They provide lithos brick with excellent durability and color saturation, provide reliable protection against discoloration under direct sunlight and weathering.

Due to the fact that in the production of bricks of different colors a dye of different cost and concentration is used, lithos bricks of different colors may differ slightly in price. Currently, lithos brick and tile have a wide range of colors and are represented by more than 50 types. The most popular and best-selling Litos colors today are the colors of the new Litos Fashion Brick line. In addition to these colors, you can purchase bricks or tiles in the following shades: yellow, chocolate, red, black, ivory and others.

The variety of colors of the face brick of TM “Litos” makes it an ideal building material for working with interiors, facades, and landscape design. Lithos brick can be used to solve almost any modern design and architectural problem. T

he front surface of lithos facing brick can have a different texture (rough, smooth, corrugated, chipped stone, craft texture, magma, etc.), which, combined with a huge range of colors for designers and architects, allows it to be used to implement any, even the most daring, design artistic intentions. Brick TM “Litos” is produced depending on the overall dimensions, the following types: standard (250x120x65 mm), thin (250x22x65 mm) and narrow (250x56x65 mm). Regardless of the type of brick, it can have both a smooth and embossed structure, as well as be produced in a wide range of colors.

A wide range of colors, external attractiveness, a large selection of textures of facing bricks of the Litos trademark are an excellent addition to its qualities such as strength, reliability and durability.