Фото группа кирпичей Литос

Lutuginsky plant of building materials.

The main specialization of the Lutuginsky plant of building materials is the production and sale of high-quality facing bricks under the Litos trademark.

Finely crushed shell rock and high-grade cement serve as raw materials in the production of steamed hyper-pressed bricks. The extra-strong bricks of the M200 – M350 grades produced by the plant have high frost resistance (more than 100 cycles) and low water absorption (no more than 5 – 8%). A distinctive feature of the brick is the high accuracy of overall dimensions, the correctness of the surface geometry and versatility (it is suitable for almost any construction work).

The company provides a number of additional services to all its customers: delivery of finished products, loading on the customer’s transport, paperwork, including customs.

Lithos brick quality

The raw materials used in the production (limestone-shell rock) are environmentally friendly and have stable physical and technical properties. Brick lithos in each batch has an even color. In the production process, only certified cement grade PC-500 from leading foreign and domestic manufacturers is used.

Particular attention is paid to the process of steaming bricks. For these purposes, the enterprise has special steaming chambers and its own gas boiler. The steaming process provides the brick with additional moisture, giving it increased strength.

Lithos brick manufacturing technology

The currently used production technology is based on the recommendations of specialists from the Donbass State Design and Technological Institute of Construction Production. Thanks to a long and fruitful collaboration, it was possible to develop a unique technology that allows the production of high-quality and reliable building material with excellent technical characteristics and high accuracy of overall dimensions. Lithos brick makes it possible to ensure high reliability and durability of buildings built in any climatic zones, even in places with a harsh northern climate (up to -50 ° C).

Today, the Litos brand offers all its customers three types of bricks. In the product range you can find “standard”, “thin” and “narrow” bricks with a smooth or embossed front surface like “natural stone”, as well as new types of Litos Fashion Brick products. Bricks are produced in various colors.

The unique equipment installed at the factory makes it possible to produce bricks in any color, shape or size, as well as with any structure of the front surface, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Standard Litos brick is produced in the following dimensions: 250x120x65 mm. It is most often used in construction. It has a smooth, textured or embossed “natural stone” front surface.

  • Smooth brick – 250x120x65 mm,
  • Brick smooth corner – 250x120x65 mm,
  • Brick rock – 250x100x65 mm,
  • Brick rock bonder – 230x100x65 mm,
  • Brick rock corner bonder – 230x100x65 mm,
  • Chipped brick – 250x102x65 mm,
  • Brick chipped bonder – 230x102x65 mm.

The narrow lithos brick has the following dimensions: 250x60x65 mm. The use of “narrow” bricks will significantly reduce the load on the foundation, avoid excessive wall thickness, and also save internal usable space during interior decoration. It is produced with a smooth and embossed texture of the front plane.

  • Narrow chipped brick – 250x60x65 mm,
  • Brick narrow rock – 250x50x65 mm.

Thin brick lithos is a facade tile with overall dimensions of 250x20x65 mm. It is perfect for finishing work both indoors and outdoors. Externally, the masonry made from it is no different from brick, and thanks to the existing edging, it can be laid both end-to-end and under the jointing.

  • Brick thin chipped with a chamfer – 250x12x65 mm,
  • Plinth tiles – 250x18x100 mm.

Starting from 2005, the Lutuginsky Plant of Building Materials began to use a unique technology for manufacturing hollow facing bricks using the double hyperpressing method. This technology to this day has no analogues in the world. It allows you to reduce the weight of bricks by 30%, which gives significant savings not only during construction, but also on delivery to the site. Brick made by this technology, among other things, has increased thermal insulation properties, while maintaining sufficient reliability, high frost resistance and strength.

All products manufactured by the Lutuginsky plant of building materials have a certificate of conformity. The main technical characteristics of the manufactured bricks correspond, and in some respects even exceed, the values ​​of the requirements of GOSTs of Ukraine and Russia. In 2006, Litos trademark products were certified in the international quality control system ISO 9001-2000.