Фотография кирпичный забор и камень дикарь

Litos facing brick.

During construction, the total share of the cost of building materials is approximately half of all costs, and in some cases a large part, therefore, it is necessary to impose special requirements on the choice of house design and wall cladding material.

The facing wall brick of the Litos trademark is not only ready to give your house a beautiful and modern appearance, but also to provide the necessary strength and reliability during construction, and significantly save on building and consumable materials.

Lithos brick is produced according to modern technology, thanks to which it has an ideal geometric shape, has a wide variety of textures and colors, can be used for lining plinths, laying walls, interior and exterior wall cladding, as well as for arranging semi-columns, arches, corners (there are brick with one or two chamfered corners). When facing finishing masonry, it is advised to select a masonry mortar that has a contrast with the color of the brick used, which emphasizes the beauty and gives greater effect to the laid out surface.

Lithos brick has a rare feature – it can be exactly pricked in any direction. It is simple to draw a line with a pencil, marking the part of the brick necessary for cutting, it is beaten with a construction hammer and after its impact a clear and accurate cut is formed.

The high quality level of Litos brand bricks is the result of modern manufacturing technologies that have been developed and continue to be improved by the Donbass State Design and Technological and Research Institute of Building Production. Lithos brick can be used in almost any climatic zone, with significant temperature fluctuations, even in harsh northern conditions, at temperatures down to minus 50 degrees. It is excellent for cladding buildings built from polystyrene foam, lightweight concrete, wood and other heat-insulating materials.

Currently, lithos bricks are produced in three main types: standard, thin and narrow. It has both smooth and embossed surface structure. Lithos brick is produced in gray, red and sand shades, as well as terracotta, ivory, burgundy and chocolate. Modern production technologies make it possible to produce “custom-made” bricks of any type, color, size, shape and texture of the front surface.

Basically, standard lithos bricks are used in construction. It has the usual standard dimensions – 250x120x65 mm. It is produced with a smooth front surface or a “natural stone” texture, while the chip can have a flat (split type) or convex (rock type) texture. The technology of mechanical chipping allows you to give the surface of the brick a unique and original structure, which no other technology can afford.

Most often used in the construction of a rectangular brick with one or two truncated corners.

The narrow lithos brick has an overall size of 250x60x65 mm and is mainly used for lining plinths, various retaining walls and columns, and is also indispensable for interior decoration.

Thin brick lithos has an overall size of 250x20x65 mm and is a facing tile that can be used for lining interior and exterior walls. It has a relatively small weight and allows you to save the internal usable space of the room.

Narrow and thin types of lithos bricks are produced with the structure of the outer surface “Chipped” and “Rock”.

We hope that the use of Litos TM bricks in construction will help you build a strong, beautiful, durable, modern and comfortable home with excellent performance characteristics.