Фото кирпич литос

Facing brick Litos.

Facing brick is the most inexpensive type of facing stones.

With the help of facing bricks or tiles, you can not only lay out a new one, but also imitate old masonry, carry out restoration work. Facing bricks will not only give your house an expressive look and a unique look, but will also be able to protect the load-bearing walls and the basement from temperature extremes, atmospheric effects, etc.

Facing bricks are made from environmentally friendly raw materials, are highly resistant to wear, are easy to install, do not require additional painting or decoration, and are unpretentious in maintenance. It has a smaller width compared to building bricks, which makes it possible to use the interior space more economically. Facing brick can rightfully be considered one of the most popular building facing materials.

One of the leaders in the production of decorative facing bricks is the Litos trademark. In the company’s product range you can find a wide variety of types, colors and textures of modern facing material. Among the entire range of products, it is worth noting hyper-pressed (heavy-duty) facing bricks. It has a wide range of colors and has a unique “wild stone” texture, made using a unique mechanical chipping technology. Due to its unique appearance, visual similarity with natural stone, it has become a real find for designers and architects. Hyperextruded brick TM “Litos” has excellent physical and technical properties, similar to natural stone. It has increased strength, durability, resistance to weathering and aggressive environments, high frost resistance. The scope of application of hyper-pressed facing bricks is extensive: facades of houses, construction of fences, creation of elements in the interior decoration of premises, construction of small architectural forms in landscape design. It is used both for the decoration of exclusive houses, and in mass construction. In recent years, the use in construction of the so-called “Bavarian masonry”, which combines the simultaneous use of smooth bricks and bricks with a chipped surface (“wild stone”), has become very popular. Due to its high performance characteristics, hyper-pressed brick can be used in construction in almost any climatic zone.

The technology for the production of hyper-produced facing bricks is fundamentally different from the traditional one. In the process of brick production using the semi-dry hyper-pressing method, the clay mixture is not prepared, dried and fired, as in the manufacture of ceramic; lime and sand are not used, steaming is not carried out in an autoclave oven, as in the production of silicate. The process of semi-dry hyper-pressing is a “cold welding” method, in which a finely ground mass of limestone is pressed under high pressure in a special pressing machine.

Hyper-pressed (heavy-duty) facing brick TM “Litos” has a number of advantages compared to other types of bricks. It is perfectly machined directly on the construction site, which allows it to be used to lay out the most intricate surfaces. Compared to ordinary ceramic bricks, hyperpressed bricks have an ideal geometry of shapes and sizes, which allows for perfect brick laying without jointing. It goes well with other types of bricks, such as silicate and fired. In addition to aesthetic appeal, hyperpressed brick has the mechanical strength of natural stone: it perfectly tolerates mechanical shocks, erosion, frost and moisture.